Super High Yield Mortar (Type M)

Greencore Super High Yield Mortar is an ecologically friendly, high performance blend of mortar cement, dried sand, and other ingredients. greencore 65/80 meets ASTM C144, C207, C270, C1329, C1714, ACI 530 code, and ICC requirements for masonry mortars when properly mixed in the field. greencore Super High Yield Mortar is precision preblended in a state-of-the-art factory, requiring only the addition of water.

Available in Types M or S, and may be colored per specification.

Super High Yield Mortar Type M

Greencore Mortars provide the perfect combination of sustainability and exceptional performance.

Available In:

  • Type M: 80 lb Bags (No 855M80)

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Commerical Project Profile | Archives

Greencore High Yield Mortar was used on the historic $207.7 million reconstruction of the Orlando Citrus Bowl. Original built in 1936, approximately 90% of the stadium was rebuilt.

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Super High Yield Mortar Type S