Super High Yield Mortar (Type S)

Greencore Super High Yield Mortar is an ecologically friendly, high performance blend of mortar cement, dried sand, and other ingredients. greencore 65/80 meets ASTM C270, C1714, and ICC requirements for masonry mortars when properly mixed in the field. greencore Super High Yield Mortar is precision preblended in a state-of-the-art factory, requiring only the addition of water.

Use For: Structural and non load-bearing applications above or below grade.

Available in Types M or S, and may be colored per specification.

Super High Yield Mortar

Greencore Type S Mortar's superior adhesion makes it the ideal mortar for Veneerstone applications.

Available In:

  • Type S: 65 lb Bags (No 855S65)
  • Type S: 80 lb Bags (No 855S80)


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