What Makes Greencore Products Environmentally Friendly?


Just as its name suggests, Greencore USA is committed to producing environmentally-friendly building materials used in high-quality construction across a variety of vertical industries. That commitment is literally grounded in the DNA of our mortar, stucco and grout, which are all formulated by replacing a percentage of traditional Portland cement with slag cement. As a result, Greencore USA and its customers are better stewards of the environment.

Why Slag Cement?

Slag cement is a post-consumable material created from blast-furnace slag left behind when iron ore is transformed into iron during the molten process. It shares some of the same inherent qualities as Portland cement including that of a binding agent, which is critical in the production of mortar, stucco and grout. However, using a portion of slag cement instead of Portland cement keeps waste out of landfills and reduces the energy required to manufacturer Greencore USA products. In addition, contractors gain 25 percent more coverage area with Geencore USA products, which maximizes jobsite productivity and reduces labor costs. These key characteristics lead to environmental benefits that significantly differentiate Greencore USA mortar, stucco and grout from competitors.

  • Less landfill waste
  • Less energy consumption
  • Lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

The collective attributes of slag cement are not only quantifiable benefit to the environment, but contribute to U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification. Greencore USA is proud to be in unique position of offering environmentally-friendly mortar, stucco and grout to its customers.

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